Diana y Roma

Diana and Roma love their cat and comes up with funny children’s stories with her participation. Subscribe to Kids Diana Show

The two little girls play with Masha and the Bear and help their mother. Suddenly Masha and the Bear are sucked in by the vacuum cleaner. But the little girl named Asia frees Masha and the Bear with her magic wand.

Diana finds Hair Ribbons in her the trunk that turn out to be magical! Diana’s new hair ribbons tell her when someone needs help. Helpful Funny Stories for Kids by Diana and Roma

The little girl named Asia learns with her little sister le Alphabet letters. Repeating the initial letters of the small animals. Learn the alphabet by repeating the letters and the names of the animals.

A large collection of stories about harmful sweets and food for children from Diana and Roma!

Peppa pig celebrates his birthday with the little girl named Asia and her little friends. Peppa pig extinguishes the candles of the cake and receives gifts from small children. Asia and Chloe like Diana Roma freinds