Roma and Diana 2020

Diana y Roma juegan a cocinar. Los niños están jugando al café. ¡Este café tiene mucha comida deliciosa! El café de Diana acaba de abrir y su primer cliente ha llegado, pero repentinamente aparece la competencia – Su hermano Roma tambien abrió su café. Los niños cocinan sus mas

Asia Chloe same our firends Diana y Roma

Diana and Roma fight viruses and bacteria that arise in their home. A short and simple story explaining why children should stay at home and keep their house clean and tidy!

Asia e Chloe giocano a fare il bagnetto alla loro bambola like Diana and Roma

Diana puts in the playpen everyone who prevents her from doing her homework. But then she herself appears there. Funny story about playpen and good behavior. Diana Roma Show – (Diana and Roma english) Kids Diana Show –

Peppa Pig gioca a biliardo